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Last year I invited 4 strangers to stay with me for Artfest, we immediately became friends and decided to stay together again.  It is the same group with the addition of one mom.

They all saw me knitting some socks last year and mentioned that I had a year to get them all socks done.

Well right now I have 3 1/2 pairs and one scarf.  I still have a few days to knit and hope to have 5 done in time.


socks and scarf


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Artfest trades

Wow, it is almost time to leave.  I head over to Discovery Bay on Sunday for a couple of days with my family before my husband takes them home and my friends arrive and we head off to Artfest.

One of the fun things at Artfest  is trading.  People make little pieces of artwork and trade them with other people.  I wasn’t sure I was going to have time for that, but I snuck them in.

I just finished 55 bookmarks, most of them sea themed.

Artfest Trades

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Artfest gallery pieces

I can’t believe it almost time for Artfest.  It starts on Wednesday and I will be leaving on Sunday.  I have lots left to do, but did finish a couple of things today.

The theme is sea monsters and there is a gallery, that you can enter two pieces.  I just finished my two tonight.

They are both journals one of which has an octopus I knit.  It was my first try and I really like the way he turned out.

Mermaid journal

close up of binding

Sea monster journal

Journal with out monster


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