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Phat Fiber Bookmarks

Phat Fiber is a fabulous sample box for fiber, knitting, crocheting, and handspun enthusiast.  The box comes filled with lots of little samples from different artisans.

I am lucky enough to participate in March’s box and just got done sending off 45 fiber themed bookmarks and a mini journal.



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Combining talents

In the last couple of years, I taught myself to knit.  I love to knit socks.  I decided that I needed a sock journal and who better to make it, but me.  So I made myself one with a picture of a sock I knit.

sock journal
sock journal

sock journal spine

sock journal pages
I love this sock.  It was knit from a skein of goldfish sock yarn for a friend.  I am so excited to have a skein of my own and can’t wait to knit myself a pair.
I have also listed a spot to make custom knitting journals with a picture of your knitted item.
I started using mine this morning.

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