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It’s been a busy month

Well, it has been an interesting month to say the least, between lots of little family disasters and work I have been swamped.

I did just finish up a huge coop order which gives me some breathing room and hopefully pays my deposit for Artfest.

These are all custom journals, everybody either gave me a broad these or a list of likes and dislikes and I went from there.

Lots and lots of stationery set.  A few too many dandelion ones.  lol  I don’t do well doing the same thing more than once or twice.


Here are the stationery sets with the checkbook covers, debit card holders, and bookmarks.


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This style of book is very special to me.  Years ago, before I learned to bind, I was a part of a few rubberstamp groups.  Chris Peden made this incredible starbook, that I was just in awe of.  I really wanted to be able to make my own and it inspired me to go buy some books and teach myself to bind.

In the meantime life got busy and I realized that it has been years since I made one.  I figured the timeing was right and that I had to use Bluegrass Moon artwork.  I also had to make sure and include the artwork that was created for me.

I finished it today and am in love with how it turned out.

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