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My grandma had a huge owl collection.  I asked her once why she liked owls so much.  She told me that she had a couple she liked and before she knew it everybody had decided she liked owls and she had a large collection.

Well for me it has become dragonflies.  I think it evolved about the same.  lol  I liked them designed my website with them.  Had a few things custom made with them and now they seem to be my thing.

I really enjoyed making this journal and love how it turned out.

I learned the carving technique in a class from Doris Arndt at Artfest in 2003.

I am looking forward to next year’s Artfest.  The class list will be coming out soon.  I just booked my condo.

Here are a couple journals I made using the techniques I learned in a class at this year’s Artfest in a class with Pam Sussman.


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