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My daughter just turned 9 and is having a slumber birthday party.  I decided I wanted the goody bags to be different than your typical bags, so I went to some of my talented friends for some help.

Joyce made the bags, bunnies, felted carrots, and felted balls.  At Maren’s request all the bunnies are different.  Julia painted the 11″ X 11″ silks.  They are also all different.  You can see the other four here.  I made the notepads and bookmarks.  She is so excited to give them to all her friends.

The other night I was chatting with a friend about what I should make to stock at a patriotic guest stocking I was doing.  She told me that a mutual friend loves dark colored Americana pieces.  She is also a moose lover, so I couldn’t help but create this for her.




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