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Well, it is almost time for Artfest, so I started putting together my class supplies to make sure I had anything.

As I was getting the 12″ X 12″ paper, I realized I didn’t have anything that size to keep it nice, so I made a portfolio to keep them in.

I may not have all my supplies ready, but my papers will stay nice, and I am really happy with how it turned out.


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Artfest trades

Five years ago, when I was pregnant with my youngest, I went to the most incredible art event.

http://www.teeshaslandofodd.com/artfest2008/info.html  I had a great time and enjoyed it more, knowing it would be a few years, before I had a chance.  Little did I know.  My youngest has lots of health problem, that makes it really hard to leave him.

About this time last year an online friend mentioned Artfest, and I knew it was time to go again.  I prepared all these fabulous reasons why I needed to go to present to my husband to convince him to take the week off and watch the kids.  I shouldn’t have wasted so much time.  He walked in the door, and I told him I wanted to go and needed him to watch the kids, and he said had a great time.

Well after a year of planning it is almost here.

One of the cool things about artfest is trades.  Many of the people attending, create little works of art and bring them to exchange with each other.  I took time last week to work on my trades.  The theme is forest walk so I stayed with that for my trades.

I have created about 15 or so mini journals that I will use for “special trades” (trades that are a little larger than normal).

Here are a few of the mini journals:

and the almost 100 bookmarks:

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